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An Inspection Machine’s Lifespan

When looking to invest in an inspection machine, these following questions might have crossed your mind.

“How long is the lifespan of an inspection machine?”

“What happens when inspection equipment is continued to be used after it’s predicted lifespan?”

“What is the process of changing old to new Inspection machine machines?”

These questions are quite normal for manufacturers that have already implemented an inspection machines to even those that have yet to implement it to their production.
The initial cost of an inspection machine is quite high, therefore it is only natural to worry about the lifespan of a product with a large investment to make sure that it is a good investment that will pay off.

That is why we want to go over the 3 main points noted below.

– Machine’s Lifespan
– Aging
– Replacement process

First let us look at the Lifespan of an inspection machine.

5 Year Minimum Lifespan

The question, “I do not know the total lifespan” will be answered and explained.
A products lifespan is basically how many years will the product retain value, and when will the product’s complete value reaches 0 is when it is then recommend to replace the product or equipment.

We will look at how a car ages and compare it to an inspection machine to see how it works.

Let’s say that you purchase a new car, and each time the care is use the total value of the new car that was purchase decreases over time. On average, the lifespan of a car is at 6 years. After the 6 year mark, the car loses value. For this example, even after the 6 year mark, the car in question still has some value, but each year that passes the value decreases.
Just like the car example noted above, an inspection machine starts losing value after a number of years that it is used. When an inspection machine is used in the manufacturing process, generally speaking it starts losing value after the 5 year mark.


In a business account, all equipment has value that needs to be calculated and when it reaches the lifespan (avg 5 years) it does not mean that the inspection machine cannot be used, it can be used, but it will just loss value and will be put as a loss in the company account books.

3 causes of deuteration of an inspection machine

When an inspection machine is used passed it’s avg value lifetime span, it can still be used. Many manufacturers that implement an inspection machine use it passed its lifespan of 5 years. In terms of functionality, the 5 year initial lifespan does not affect the equipment.

But, there are 3 problems of using an inspection machine after it’s initial 5 year span.


After using the inspection machine for a number of years, just like any other equipment, the performance will lower and it will have a lower performance if it used after the 5 year lifespan with potential speed downs and increase in the maintenance of the machine.

Increase in accidents

Just like any other equipment that is used after its lifespan comes to an end, using an inspection machine after 5 years, problems, accidents, and various problems will increase. That is why it is quite risky in over using it as it may create more problems and cost more in the long run than just replacing it with a newer model.

Increase in Maintenance Cost

On top of the fact that the performance will keep decrease, the maintenance cost of the inspection machine will increase the more it is used after its lifespan. When looking at it in a cost performance perspective it is not a good idea as the costs may be higher in the long run.

Performance issues, increase in maintenance costs, and a total increase in accidents can be a lot to manage for a business trying to have a good cost performance ratio in their production.

3 Main reasons to replace

Next, we are going to look at the three important reasons to replace an old inspection machine for a new one.

Increase Accuracy

When using an aged inspection machine for long period of time will lose accuracy in inspecting the products that are manufactured. To maintain the accuracy and fast speeds in inspection of the machine that is seen within the 5 year span of the machine it is important to replace the inspection machine after the lifespan ends.

Keep maintenance cost down

When replacing an inspection machine at or before the lifespan of the equipment ends, it will help maintain energy costs low or possibly lower it as new machines will likely be more efficient.

When replacing an inspection machine, the maintenance cost will still be there, but will be kept at the lower end for the years that it is used.

Lowering Accidents, problems, and risk

If a new inspection machine is implemented and the old one is replaced, this alone will keep accidents and machine problems low.

If there are problems with the equipment the company that provided the inspection machine is still able to assist in fixing the issues with the inspection machine within it’s lifespan.

Avoiding accidents, increasing accuracy, lowering costs are just some of the benefits of replacing the old inspection machine with a new one.

In this article covered the 3 main points noted below.

– Inspection machine lifespan
– Problems with using an old inspection machine
– Reasons why replacing is necessary

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any other questions regarding inspection machines please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page.

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