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2 types of Inspection Machine Manufacturers

When looking for the right inspection machine for your business, knowing the difference between standard sized inspection machines and custom-made ones is quite important. Knowing whether inspection machine manufacturers can custom make an inspection machine or not will determine whether it can be made to meet your specific business needs.
In this article we are going to go through the differences between inspection machine manufacturers that offer custom-made machines and the ones that do not.

Standard: Fast Delivery and competitive prices

When talking about inspection machine manufacturers that offer just a standard sized inspection machine that covers a wide range of features and services, opting out for a mass produced or standard sized made inspection machine does have its perks. Here are 3 of perks of getting a standard sized inspection machine.

Competitive Price

Standard-sized inspection machines are not made to order, giving it the advantage of not having to change the equipment for their clients that order the inspection machine, allowing the manufacturer cut costs and provide a slightly more affordable alternative to custom made inspection machines.

Quicker Purchasing Process

With Standard-sized inspection machines have a set size and scale with pre-made specifications. This allows the inspection machine manufacturers to quickly make the machine without needing to ask clients what sizes, specifications they need for their business and making a one of a kind inspection machine for each and every one of their clients.
This method allows for faster manufacturing time. If your business needs an inspection machine in a short period of time, then choosing a standard-sized inspection machine manufacturer be more for your business.

Quality Assurance

As standard size inspection manufacturers have tested and made the same inspection machine multiple times, they would in theory be able to take more time and make one standard size design option that is durable and less likely to fail.

If your business wants more assurance that there will be not problems with the inspection machine, then a standard machine would be a better option.

Investing in a product made just for your business

When ordering from a manufacture that offers order-made inspection machines is one that will make the product that is made specifically to meet the unique needs of their clients and making equipment only made for them.

Here are 3 benefits of ordering an inspection machine from these inspection machine manufacturers.

Making An Automated Optical Inspection Machine Just for Your Business

Unlike standard sized inspection machines, investing in an order-made one allows your business to change the size, specification, and more to meet the needs of your business.

Avoiding Defects and Problems

Unlike standard-size offerings, when ordering with an AOI machine manufacturer making sure that size, scale, and speed matches that of the factory that it will be installed in to avoid speed differences, installation space problems, and more.

Customer Support Advantage

As order-made focused manufacturers have handled a wide arrange of orders from clients working in different types of industries and locations all around the world.

These manufacturers have had the chance to build a good support team to really understand how to make an inspection machine specifically made for each and every client’s unique business needs.

Flexible Budget

Up until now we outlined some of the benefits of both standard and order made inspection machines. Now at the end we do recommend businesses that have a flexible budget on looking more at inspection machine manufacturers that offer made to order options.
Here are 3 the reasons why we recommend in ordering from a custom-made focused manufacturer.

Long Term Usage

Even the cheapest inspection machine will come out at a large initial investment. If that is the case, making sure that your business is investing in an inspection machine that is made specifically for your production line is key for long term usage.

Also the fact that with an order made product comes dedicated support from the manufacturer is a great assurance to make sure the machine is working the way your business needs it to.

Avoiding any production matching problems

When getting a standard-size inspection machine will have the possibility of not being compatible with your company’s current production. To avoid this, making sure the manufacturer and change the size, scale, speed, and specifications on how the machine conducts the inspections of your products.

Support Services

Great support and matching the needs for your company

When working with an inspection machine manufacturer that focuses on providing order-made services to their clients need great customer service to have a successful business. There are various order-made inspection machine providers and manufacturers, not having top notch services means losing their clients to their competitors.

That is why ordering from an order-made focused manufacturer allows them to really work with their clients in making the inspection machine. The business that is investing in the inspection machine has a chance to be apart of the inspection machine creation process from start to finish. This way the business gets exactly what they need to have a great inspection system in place for their production.

Due to the 3 reasons noted above is why we believe investing in an custom made inspection machine would be ultimately a better choose for those companies that have a flexible budget as custom made machines tend to have a fluctuating price depending on the order that is placed.

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding the clear difference between a standard – size an custom made inspection machine manufacturer.

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