Inspection Machine Search: 5 Points to Remember
Searching for the right machine
5 points to remember when looking for that perfect inspection machine

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Optical Film Inspection Machine

If you are looking for an automated optical inspection machine to add to your production, here are some points to consider.
“We are having problems finding an inspection machine provider?”

“How can we compare different inspection machine makers?”

“We do not know the difference between inspection machine makers”

If you are having any of the issues that are listed above, then we can guide and recommend different inspection machine makers.

As there are various inspection machine makers out in the market. Finding the right inspection machine maker might seem like a difficult task. That is why we made this article, to make it easier for those businesses that want to advance their inspection process in their business.

Here we are going to introduce 5 main points that you should consider when looking for the right inspection machine for your business.

5 main points

Product Clarification

When looking for equipment made for inspection, making sure getting the right inspection machine is quite important. This might be a simple point, but one that is looked over more often than not as there are different inspection machines and getting the wrong one for your business or an equipment that is unable to fully inspect the products that are being manufactured will cost your business money and loss in revenue.

That is why when looking for an inspection machine make sure the following points are checked.

– The products its parts can be fully inspected

– Have a clean idea on the inspection that you want the machine to do

– Make sure that the inspection machine maker is able to make a machine that meets all the requirements.

Following these 3 simple points will avoid any future unnecessary costs or problems when installing the inspection machine in the factory.

Defining the Metrics

In order to be able to decide the right specifications that you want out of the inspection machine that you want to implement into your business, first you need to look at the precise metrics and value of the machine that it will have to your business. Of course, before implementing an inspection machine, there needs to be an understanding on how the machine will conduct the inspections.

If the inspection machine is prepared in a way that can meet all the requirements of inspection within the company, then using the machine should be no problem in terms of conducting the inspection process without much management and most of the inspection process can be automated if the machine is implemented properly.

When looking to implement an inspection machine in a factory that has up until the installation of the machine, done manual inspection with personnel checking each and every product, there should be no problem setting the inspection machine in a way that will conduct a similar or same inspection process, just automating the job for more accuracy and efficiency.

Conducting the implementation process in away that will not affect other parts of the production process and making sure the specifications of the machine match the demand your business has are quite important points to keep in mind when looking for an inspection machine.


Make sure to be aware of is knowing the exact specifications of the inspection machine and knowing exactly what it can do in terms of speeds, specification accuracy, data gathering, and more. When looking for an inspection machine manufacturer, making sure getting this information is vital to finding the right inspection machine for your business. Here are 4 main points to keep in mind.

– When it comes time to install the inspection machine, does your company have the right installation area specification to give the inspection machine maker?

– Do you have the right equipment to install the machine in your factory (for example, keeping low room temperature to avoid machine over heating).

– Making sure the production speed and inspection machine speed are the same when installed.

– Making sure the installation area will be a safe environment for the inspection machine to be installed in.

If these 4 points are not checked properly and you order the inspection machine, there could be size problems, for example, could cost a lot to change the inspection machine after it has already been sent and prepared to be installed. Making sure that the machine is installed and prepared without any problems is what everyone wants, maker and client that orders the inspection machine and following these 4 simple points that are noted above will help achieve that.

Price Comparison

As there are a good number of different inspection machine makers to choose from, asking for a direct invoice from each and every manufacturer that you are interested in directly is the best way to get an idea on how much it will cost to implement an inspection machine to your business. That is because even products with similar specification will have deferment prices between different makers.

Manufacturers basically do not have a standard pricing structure as each and every inspection machine is usually order made to meet client installation and specification demands. In order for each and every inspection machine manufacturer to create an invoice they will first need to talk to you in person and ask various areas of the inspection process that you want to conduct for your business and your products.
Even when ordering a machine with same specifications between different inspection machine makers, their support cost, services for installation, and various other costs will come into play in the end invoice price and each and every inspection machine maker or provider has different systems and costs in place.

Getting a detailed invoice from manufacturers that you are interested will help you determine which manufacturer can help you install the right inspection machine.

24 hour Support System

With equipment there maybe come problems or concerns that you may want to contact the manufacture. Knowing whether the manufacturer has 24 hour customer services available or not is quite important.

If a manufacturer does not provide 24 hour customer service, knowing the days and times in which it does is important before making the investment and purchasing an inspection machine.


Confirming whether after purchasing the inspection machine there is support in terms of machine maintenance is also important.

If by chance the manufacturer the order made your inspection machine does not provide after purchase maintenance service, then making sure that there are engineers that are able to fix the machine when problem arises is top priority as arrangement of machine maintenance costs will also have to be made.

If your company has no such engineers that are able to do the maintenance on the inspection machine, then making sure that the provider of the machine has maintenance services is a must.


If there the inspection machine crashes or is damaged and cannot be used, make sure to check these 3 points are covered by the manufacturer of the machine.

– What type of support will be available

– Figuring out costs

– Checking whether the manufacturer provided insurance for the inspection machine

Making sure that the manufacturer is able to support you and your company through this is a very important point to keep in mind when looking to purchase an inspection machine.

In this article we talked about a check list with 5 points to look for when choosing an inspection machine maker.

1. Product explanation
2. Understanding the product metrics
3. Making sure the inspection machine matches company needs
4. Invoice
5. Having support options that match your company needs

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