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The importance of having an inspection machine

If you are researching about inspection machine, you have 3 basic questions that you want answered.

“What is an inspection machine?”

“How would my company use it?”

“Will investing in an inspection machine benefit my manufacturing process?”

A Growing business that is looking to automate various sections of their manufacturing process is sure to have more than a few questions and possibly doubt on automating their inspection of their products. That is why we came up with a simple, yet informative article explaining what is an inspection machine and how implementing it in your manufacturing process could benefit your business.

3 Different types of AOI machines

An Automated optical inspection machine (AOI machine) is able to automate the inspection process and check the quality of your manufactured products and determine whether they are defective or functional before shipping them to the end user.
In order for manufacturers to inspect each and every one of their products and maintain high quality standard with the products that are shipped to the end user, here are the three types of inspection machines that are popular among large global manufacturing companies.

Surface defects and organization inspection machine

Small defects or scratches that are undetectable on a eye sight level are able to be detected, reported, and inspected accurately with the use of a dedicated automated optical inspection machine.

Optical Inspection

When manufacturing products with detail screens when using an inspection machine, it is able to inspect detect large to small defects of the product. Detection of deficiency in the products can be conducted in the start and end of the production process of the product to make sure that the end user receives a product with almost nonexistent deficiency rate.

Automated Inspection for Missing Parts

When inspecting a large product at the end of the production, there is always a possibility that there might be some parts that are missing. With a dedicated inspection machine this process can be conducted both fast and efficiently.

With a dedicated inspection machine, checking for missing parts, damages, or defects can be a quick and almost seamless process that manufacturing manages can stop worrying about.

3 Main Benefits For Implementing an inspection machine

Here are 3 main benefits for implementing an inspection machine.

lower Labor Cost

When Automating sections of the manufacturing process, this can not only increase accuracy , but manual inspection process can be cut down, decreasing the overall labor costs. With a lower number of workers and a better accuracy in inspecting products, defective recalls will go down with the labor cost.
Implementing an inspection machine may be a large investment in the short term, but doing so will lower overall costs in the long term, and for smart business owners, that is one large benefit of investing in an inspection machine.

Increase Inspection Quality

Implementing a dedicated automated optical inspection machine will not only lower overall costs, but with high accuracy rates across the board in inspecting products before they are shipped will help with increase end user satisfaction, lower customer complaints, and increase brand and product value.

Increase Productivity

Depending on the way an inspection machine is implemented in the manufacturing process, increase in speed and productivity is possible. Just having inspectors manually inspecting each and every product that is made is inefficient and time consuming, Automating this section of the manufacturing process can really help with increasing production speed.

Implementation of an inspection machine can mean a faster and more efficient production for manufacturers.

Implementing an inspection machine can decrease labor costs, increase inspection quality and increase productivity. All 3 important points for any manufacturer.

AOI Machine Implementation Samples

Next we are going to outline some real world cases where manufacturers in Thailand implemented inspection machines into their production.

3 Main Issues

Here are 3 main problems that manufacturers faced before implementing an inspection machine.

– Having an inspectors manually check each and every product takes a long time.
– Speed and inspection quality varied depending on the inspector.
– As Production increased, labor costs for manual inspection also increased.

These 3 main problems were real for the manufacturers in Thailand. These problems were solved when these manufacturers implemented an inspection machine into their production.

The Results

An In depth look at inspection machines

After the implementation of the inspection machine, they were able to meet inspection demand, increase production speed, and decrease overall labor costs on a year to year bases while still being able to increase production.

With the implementation of an inspection machine, these manufacturers were able to lower cost while increase the quality of inspection they were conducting in their factories.

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