Personal Information Private Policy

In order to protect the privacy of all of our users, Name, Email addresses, etc,. Our number one priority is our users privacy and making sure it is protected at all cost. To that end, we have made our management of information as rigid and confidential as possible. If we collect any individual information from our users, it is strictly prohibited to store that information in any outside servers


For us cyber safety is our top priority. Any information that is submitted to our site will only be used for the specific task that our users wish us to perform. There is no exception to this rule. In regards to external links, we will take the appropriate measures as and when necessary. Comments and links posted by our users are subject to removal if we find that the link or comment posted is harmful to other users of in any way. We have no control once our users post their personal information to other external sources.


We have had our rigid privacy policy set forth from the beginning of Our ultimate goal is to create the most secure site for our users to enjoy. We will work tirelessly as to achieve this goal in order and keep all our users safe.