standard or order made inspection machine

AOI Machine:Order made VS standard

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2 types of Inspection Machine Manufacturers

When looking for the right inspection machine for your business, knowing the difference between standard sized inspection machines and custom-made ones is quite important. Knowing whether inspection machine manufacturers can custom make an inspection machine or not will determine whether it can be made to meet your specific business needs.
In this article we are going to go through the differences between inspection machine manufacturers that offer custom-made machines and the ones that do not.

Standard: ...

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5 points to remember when looking for that perfect inspection machine

Inspection Machine Search: 5 Points to Remember

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Optical Film Inspection Machine

If you are looking for an automated optical inspection machine to add to your production, here are some points to consider.
“We are having problems finding an inspection machine provider?”

“How can we compare different inspection machine makers?”

“We do not know the difference between inspection machine makers”

If you are having any of the issues that are listed above, then we can guide and recommend different inspection machine makers.

As there are various inspection machine makers out in the market. ...

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Top Quality Automated Inspection

Inspection Machine: An in depth Look

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The importance of having an inspection machine

If you are researching about inspection machine, you have 3 basic questions that you want answered.

“What is an inspection machine?”

“How would my company use it?”

“Will investing in an inspection machine benefit my manufacturing process?”

A Growing business that is looking to automate various sections of their manufacturing process is sure to have more than a few questions and possibly doubt on automating their inspection of their products. That is why we came up with a ...

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Lifespan of an Inspection Machine

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An Inspection Machine’s Lifespan

When looking to invest in an inspection machine, these following questions might have crossed your mind.

“How long is the lifespan of an inspection machine?”

“What happens when inspection equipment is continued to be used after it’s predicted lifespan?”

“What is the process of changing old to new Inspection machine machines?”

These questions are quite normal for manufacturers that have already implemented an inspection machines to even those that have yet to implement it to their production.
The initial cost of ...

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