Optical Inspection Machine lens

Automated Optical Inspection Explained

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What is Automated Optical Inspection?

Before we can outline the benefits of an Automated Optical Inspection machine and how implementing this system can greatly improve your production line, let us first explain what kind if machine it is.

An Automated Optical Inspection Machine, or AOI Machine, automates the inspection process of your production and post-production line. Using high configuration cameras with specialized lenses, the Automated Optical Inspection Machine, AOI Machine is able to fully inspect each and every surface area of a ...

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AOI Machine special lenses

AOI Machine VS Manual Inspection

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What is an AOI Machine?

Automated Optical Inspection or AOI for short, is what manufacturing needs in order to keep up with the constant new quality control demands that consumers are expecting from the facilities that are making the products they use in their daily lives. With the market forecast showcasing exponential growth in the sales and usage of inspection machines throughout several markets around the world, it is good to know what an AOI Machine can do for your business. ...

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Film Aoi Inspection Machine

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Optical Film Inspection System

If you are manufacturing optical Film, then you might have these thoughts cross your mind.

“The Panel’s Film quality is unusually low”

“Customer complains of defective film does not go down”

“Even Though We are doing Film inspection, we are unable to find the problem affecting the Film that is made.”

If you are having any of the issues that are noted above, then may we recommend looking into investing in a film inspection machine.

There are manufacturers that have inspectors working ...

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Introducing The PBC Inspection Machine

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Avoid Consumer Problems

If you are in charge of printed circuit board manufacturing facility, you might find yourself contemplating about:

“Receiving an increase in customer complains about Electrical input”

“Loyal Customers Receiving Defected Goods .”

“Defected Goods causing accidents, possibly injuring loyal costumer.”

Are you having problems in regards to a recent increase in these types of incidents? Introducing new customers or providing loyal customers with defected products can cause large problems from legal liability accidents. Risking the possibility of your customers using your defective ...

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Food Inspection Machine Explained

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X ray inspection usage for checking the internals of food products.

IF you are managing food production or factory then these questions have surely come up.

“Why are we receiving bad press again”

“Unwanted objects are getting in the food and customer complains keep rising”

“Damaged products getting released to the market more frequently and do not know why”

IF you have asked or wondered or thought about the problems that face the food industry and the companies that make the food from start to ...

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Thermal imaging Inspection

Thermal Imaging Inspection Machine

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Detecting problems in your products in an instant

If you are working in a manufacturer, then you have had at least one of the following thoughts cross your mind.

“Want more information on the inspected products. ”

“Want to be able to detect small damage”

“Want to decrease the number of defected products shipped to customers”

A factory manager or the head of a manufacturing product line has thought at least one or more of the noted problems and the solution.

In order to inspect the ...

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Featuring LED Inspection Machine!

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Automatic discovery of light irregularities in screens

As a business owner, you may often find yourself with the following issues:

“I am having issues with light anomalies on my screens.”
“I am having a large number of complaints regarding the picture quality.”
“I want to implement a way to check and balance the light in my products.”

These are just a few of the many worries manufacturers have when dealing with their production line. Actually, having defects in the internals of a device’s ...

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Touch Panel Inspection Machine Introduction

Touch panel inspection machine

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Automated Touch Panel Inspection

An Automated Method to Checking Real Time Touch Responses

As a business owner, you may often find yourself thinking :

“There is an increase in customer complaints regarding my products touch panels.”

“Having one inspector checking each and every one of our manufactured products is difficult to manage.”

“I want to be able to inspect my products equally and accurately. ”
As a head factory manager manufacturing touch panels, you might have had these occurring problems or questions pop up in ...

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