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Automated Touch Panel Inspection
Touch Panel Inspection Machine Introduction

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Automated Touch Panel Inspection

An Automated Method to Checking Real Time Touch Responses

As a business owner, you may often find yourself thinking :

“There is an increase in customer complaints regarding my products touch panels.”

“Having one inspector checking each and every one of our manufactured products is difficult to manage.”

“I want to be able to inspect my products equally and accurately. ”
As a head factory manager manufacturing touch panels, you might have had these occurring problems or questions pop up in your mind or in your boss’s mind.

Currently, a lot of manufacturers are using inspectors for checking a touch panel’s quality. This method not only increase labor costs, but it also a very inconsistent way in inspecting your products before shipping them to your end consumer.

In order to solve this problem, we made this articles which focuses on how to inspect each and every touch panel that your factory is manufacturing by using an a touch panel inspection machine and tablet inspection machines.

An inspection machine that is able to automate touch panel response inspection

With a touch panel inspection machine, manufactures are now able to accurately and precisely inspect panels to see if your end product is meeting the industrial standard and make sure that the panel’s pressure points and touch responses are fast and accurate.

Choose any smart phone’s touch panel and our inspection machine can pre-test every touch point on the screen to make sure when the end consumer receives that smart phone each and every corner of that smart phone’s touch panel is working properly.

This type of inspection machine’s main feature is the fact that it is able to test the touch panels and the responses just like a person would naturally use the touch panel, providing the manufacturer with accurate information and feedback on their touch panels in their products before sending them out to their end consumer.

This method of using a dedicated touch panel inspection machine to inspect all the products is both faster and more consistent than using an inspector to check the panels by hand. It also lowers labor costs and overall costs for your business in the long run. We especially recommend touch panel inspection systems for smartphone, computer, video games manufacturers.

Here are 3 Results of having a touch panel inspection machine implemented


A large Cut in Labor Costs

In cases that an inspection machine is not implemented in a manufacture ring process, there then becomes a need of personnel, inspectors, that have to check each and every touch panel of the product that you are manufacturing, one by one, taking both a lot of time as well as taking a large and increasing labor cost into your manufacturing budget.

By simply implementing a touch panel inspection machine, this would allow you to decrease labor costs, which would look quite good in the manufacturing budget and a good overall potential gain in extra profits for your factory or company to invest in other sectors that your company is interested in.

Avoid Ruining your products image to your end consumer

Below are just some of the ways that a defective product will affect your products image to your aimed consumers.
• (Company A)’s product is not responsive
• (Company B)’s Touch panel has a bad response rate
• (Company C) Has a large number of defective products

These are real concerns of manufacturers from across the world. And the outdated and inconsistent method of checking each and every product by hand can cause an increase of one of the problems noted above.

These problems will affect the image of your company in the long run and as such should not be taken lightly.

Implementing Accurate Inspection into the manufacturing process.

Each and every end user that uses your product’s touch panel will have a different way of interacting with it. Using just one inspector to check your product’s panel is just not good in terms of seeing if your panels will work with various interacting done by the end consumer. With a dedicated touch panel inspection machine, these problems can be solved as the touch panel checks different pressure responses and is able to imitate various interactions people tend to do with touch panels.

That is why when implementing a smart phone, game or tablet inspection machine to the manufacturing process, the process can check various points in your panels before your product ends up in your consumer’s hands.

Industries that we can recommend an inspection machine

Here are some industries that would greatly profit if they choose to invest in an automated process such as this.

• Game system manufacturers.
• Smartphone Makers.
• Tablet manufacturers.
• Manufacturers for Bank ATMs.
• Manufacturers in charge of making train ticket systems, airport kiosk, new vending machines ,and more.
• Car navigation system touch panel manufacturers.

The above-mentioned industries would be able to great decrease the number of defective products sent to their end consumers if touch panel inspection machine is implemented into their manufacturing process.

Please note that touch panel inspection machines are not only limited to the industries noted above. These machines can be used in any industry or factory that is working with interactive touch technology.

Touch Panel inspection machine Manufacturers

If you are a head manager who is really interested in advancing your production and is interested in implementing an automated optical inspection machine that is able to inspect touch technology, please click the following link highlighted below.

Link: 5 Ways to Find the Right Inspection Machine Manufacturer for Your Business.

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