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Thermal inspection with infrared ray technology
Thermal imaging Inspection

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Detecting problems in your products in an instant

If you are working in a manufacturer, then you have had at least one of the following thoughts cross your mind.

“Want more information on the inspected products. ”

“Want to be able to detect small damage”

“Want to decrease the number of defected products shipped to customers”

A factory manager or the head of a manufacturing product line has thought at least one or more of the noted problems and the solution.

In order to inspect the internals of devices that are already assembles, there needs to be a special inspection system. In order to check each and every product in a manufacturer’s production line, a dedicated inspection machine is necessary.

That is why we wrote this article to let you know how a thermal imaging inspection machine can help a manufacturing business lower their defective products count received by their end user.

Being Able to easily check the internals for defective parts

Thermal imaging inspection machines are able to use thermal imaging to accurately inspect manufactured product’s internals each and every time for any defective or damaged parts.
One of the main benefits of implementing a thermal imaging inspection machine that uses infrared rays is able to not only detect very small defects and damage that is not visible to the human eye, all the while not having to take the product apart to inspect all the internal aspects of it. Inspection speed will also increase compared to using inspectors to check each and every product in the production line. A thermal inspection machine is used to inspect semiconductors, electronic components internals. This technology can also be seen at airport baggage security for checking bags and other customer belongings for any harmful items.

Another area that can be used in is with food products, like fruits or vegetables as thermal imaging is harmless and does not need to come in contact with the product in order to inspect it.

These are just some of the ways that thermal imaging can be used to inspect products and items without the need to come in contact with them, allowing for accurate, fast, and efficient inspection.

Using Thermal imaging and infrared to inspect products without taking them apart

We are now going to go over 3 main benefits of using a thermal imaging inspection machine.

Inspecting a whole product without needing to take it apart

Thermal imaging inspection machine is able to use infrared technology to inspect the products without altering it or coming in contact with the product that is being inspected.

This method of inspection can also benefit from preventing any unwanted fingerprints caused by normal inspectors, and since it is almost an instantaneous automated optical inspection machine, inspection speed will surely increase if a dedicated thermal imaging inspection machine is implemented in a manufacturer’s production line.

As this inspection machine can check various products from food to customer electronic, giving it a wide range of usage for a multi- manufacturing company.

Full on Internal Inspection

There is a large number of inspection machines that mostly focus on using inspection technology that largely checks the external parts of a product for damage. This is where an inspection machine using thermal imaging technology with infrared rays is able to inspect the entire internal parts of manufactured products.

This allows manufacturers use the inspection machine to make sure each and every product that is manufactured is checked before sent to the end user, lowering the number of defected products being passed and sent to the end customer , lowering company risk.

Detecting undetectable product damage

When using thermal imaging technology and infrared rays to inspect, this gives the manufacturing process an inspection method that allows the manufacturer to detect large and micro small damage that would otherwise go undetected by regular inspector employees.

4 Industries that would benefit in implementing thermal imaging inspection

Here we are 4 industries that would greatly benefit by implementing a thermal imaging inspection machine.

Security Industry

Whether it is security for airplane or ship luggage, when using thermal imaging inspection machine, this will allow the security team to quickly and accurately check each and every customer item for potentially dangerous items. Implementing it in an airport or a ship port would greatly increase security for both customers and security officers alike.

Food industry

When using infrared technology based thermal imaging inspection machines for checking food it allows the farm or factory to instantly check the internal aspects of the fruits or vegetable for any internal damage or unwanted defects in the fruit or vegetables, thereby decreasing the number of damaged food being sent to the end consumer and risking the end consumers health and well-being.

Electrical Component and Electrical consumer goods industry

For electrical components in devices, it is quite complicated to inspect the entire internal make up of each and every electronic device. Not inspecting every single internal part of the device could allow a defective device to be shipped and used by an end user that will later ask for a refund or replacement, increasing costs and decreasing product and brand value. This is where implementing an high accuracy rate and fast inspection machine to make sure that each and every part of every product made is working properly before being shipped.

Industrial Equipment

Using a thermal imaging inspection machine would greatly help industrial equipment inspection. One good example is the using an one for the robot in trains that measure the aerodynamic of the train and speed. This is a very important part of the train and if it is defective can cause large and costly issues for both the train company as well as the manufacturer. Using an inspection machine would allow the industrial equipment manufacturer to automate a large and costly inspection of the equipment that is made.

Of course automobiles and other large goods can also be inspected by the thermal imaging inspection machine to check all the internals before the item is sold.

These are just some of the industries that would benefit from implementing an inspection machine. Any factory manufacturing a product would benefit from using an inspection machine to automate the inspection process to both increase accuracy and lower overall cost and defective shipped products.

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding the benefits of implementing a thermal imaging inspection machine. Below are the 3 main points that were covered in this article.

• Information on Thermal imaging inspection technology
• 3 main merits from implementing an inspection machine
• 4 industries that would greatly benefit from implementing an inspection machine.

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