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Avoid Consumer Problems

If you are in charge of printed circuit board manufacturing facility, you might find yourself contemplating about:

“Receiving an increase in customer complains about Electrical input”

“Loyal Customers Receiving Defected Goods .”

“Defected Goods causing accidents, possibly injuring loyal costumer.”

Are you having problems in regards to a recent increase in these types of incidents? Introducing new customers or providing loyal customers with defected products can cause large problems from legal liability accidents. Risking the possibility of your customers using your defective products from your company will harm your company brand and product image. These issues are not easy to fix and many companies might find themselves in a hole that they might not be able to dig themselves out of.

These cases have actually been recently increasing, and as a business owner or manager, you want to avoid these issues at all cost.

This page gives printed circuit board manufacturers a resolution; here we will introduce the benefits of implementing a printed circuit board inspection machine.

This article answers these 3 main questions:

• I don’t know much about printed circuit board inspection machines?
• What merits will our company have when implementing a PCB inspection machine?
• Can we customize a PCB inspection machine ?

We recommend reading this article to have your questions about printed circuit board inspection machine answered.

An Inspection Machine That Can Auto Check PCB Wiring

A printed circuit board inspection machine Is able to fully inspect the internals of electronic components that make up an electronic good or device. The PCB inspection machine is able to accurately and precisely each and every wire and makeup of the components.

If a factory is manufacturing printed circuit boards and not properly checking the internals of it, then there is a possibility that some of the printed circuit boards are either not working properly or are entirely defective all together. Send defective printed circuit board is one of the worst things a manufacturer could do and can ruin the makers image. Let’s go over an example as to one way it can be a bad thing to not use an inspection machine.

Image that your computer is connected to a printer and when you press the print button, printed paper is suppose to come out. But, what if the printed circuit board is broken, then the connection of the outlet with the computer is not working, or the USB connection is not properly connecting to the printer, then this in turn can ruin the users experience with the product that is using your companies printed circuit board.

That is why in order to find these dysfunctions, a circuit board manufacturer is recommended to use a printed circuit board inspection machine to make sure the end consumers receive the best products off your production line every time.

Being Able to Inspect the Whole Device

Here we are going to introduce 3 special features of a printed circuit board inspection machine.

Being able to check the whole product and not only parts of it

When you are inspecting a Printed circuit board, It is necessary to inspect the interior of all the internals. That is why with an PCB inspection machine a manufacturer is able to inspect already made manufacture red goods right before they are sent to the end consumer as a whole and not only selected parts, giving the manufacturer a full inspection of their products before they are sent.

You can customize the inspection method to match your factory production

There are various PCB sizes throughout the entire industry. Depending on the product, the size or way that the PCB is made is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. That is why with a printed circuit board inspection machine, factories are able to customize the inspection machine to match each and every need they have when they are inspecting their printed circuit boards. This can be whether they need inferred ray inspection, bulk inspection, or small rot inspection. Full customization is possible for all PCB manufacturers.

Frequency of Waveforms, Voltage: Full inspection Included

As these inspection machines are made to specifically inspect printed circuit boards, Relative to other inspection machines that have difficulty checking IC or ICT have limited detection capabilities, all following listed inspections are possible with a PCB inspection machine.

• Inspecting the source of electrical power
• Checking stock out IC parts and the entire attached equipment
• Check if it is working properly

All the noted checks can be done.

Using ICT or IC related parts in a Printed circuit board or other similar accessories will not hinder the inspection of a PCB inspection machine.

Here is the List of 3 Major Industries that need a PCB inspection Machine

Here we are going to look at 3 industries that should be implementing Printed Circuit Board Inspection Machines to their manufacturing process.

Consumer electronics Maker

In this day and age most if not all user electronics have printed circuit boards Integrated into their internals. If the Printed circuit boards are not working properly, the device that is using it will become defective, increase customer complains as well as device return, losing revenue for the whole company. Using a dedicated inspection machine should lower the possibility of this happening.

Component or device Accessory manufacturers

If a business is involved with ICT related goods or accessories and is making accessories or component for companies that are making devices, as a business owner, the printed circuit board must be well implemented and must deliver to keep those clients. That is why an inspection machine that is able to check all parts from voltage, to waveform frequencies is necessary.

For these manufacturers, they can fully customize the inspection machine in order for it to inspect and fit their current production line and the products that they are manufacturing.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

In a large scale production for industrial manufactured equipment, also have printed circuit board implemented into their end product. In order to follow regulation and other specifications that are order by their clients, industrial equipment manufacturers have to make sure that the internal components, including the Printed Circuit Board , have to be checked to make sure that all the components are working properly. If the components are not inspected properly, large damage may occur while using the equipment.

To avoid accidents from occurring when using faulty equipment, accurate and precise inspection of the equipment is necessary. And a PCB inspection machine is able to lower that risk.

We hope you found this article informative. Below are the 3 main points that were covered in this article.

• PCB inspection Machine Introduction
• 3 main Features of a PCB inspection machine
• Benefits of Implementing a PCB inspection machine into your factory or business.

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