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Automated Food inspection

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X ray inspection usage for checking the internals of food products.

IF you are managing food production or factory then these questions have surely come up.

“Why are we receiving bad press again”

“Unwanted objects are getting in the food and customer complains keep rising”

“Damaged products getting released to the market more frequently and do not know why”

IF you have asked or wondered or thought about the problems that face the food industry and the companies that make the food from start to finish. Food manufacturers are for the most part using personal inspectors or an inspection system that just doesn’t seem to provide you with good outcomes as the number of damaged goods still end up in the end consumer’s hands.

That is why we made this article to guide those manufacturers that are serious in having a food inspection machine that is both accurate and fast in inspecting the products that are being made both internally and externally to decrease the number of defected products being shipped to the end consumer.

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Implementing an inspection machine that can check it all

A food inspection machine makes sure that each and every product that it checks is fresh and ready for the stores and to be consumed by the end consumer.

A food inspection machine is able to check weather food is safe and is not damaged. A food inspection machine could be used for various goods ranging from regular grocery goods to candy and other items that are meant to be consumed.

If a food manufacturer has yet to implement a food inspection machine and are instead using inspector personal, then the risk of each and every product not being fully inspected from an external and internal standpoint. Implementing a dedicated food inspection machine would automate the inspection process, lower over all labor costs, and will increase the inspection accuracy.

Here are 3 main benefits in using a food inspection equipment

Being able to check multiple points at the same time

When inspecting food there are various points to check before the product can be cleared and be sent to the stores. For example, checking for external items like air, insects, damaged areas, internal unwanted items, and more.

Due to the large number of areas that need to be inspected, it can be very difficult for an inspector to clear all the areas. With a dedicated food inspection machine that uses infrared or x ray technology, it is able to instantly check the product for any and all parts and give the manufacturer the data it needs to improve its food production.

Damage and bug detection

Using xray or infrared technology allows the instant detection of bugs and other external objects. This is a hard task as it is quite difficult to find small insects that are hardly detectable to the human eye.

If any of these objects were to be in the food and sent to the end user for consumption not only could it cause health problem for the customers purchasing the product, it would also negatively affect the product brand and overall company image.

That is why using an inspection machine should would allow this to not happen, unlike personal inspectors.

Internal inspection

One of the main benefits of using a food inspection machine is the fact that it uses infrared and xray technology to not only look for foreign object in an external level, but it is also able to inspect the product internally to not only find foreign object, but any internal damage that I haven’t found.

This feature is truly only possible with a dedicated inspection machine as it can check un packaged and package foods inside without having to open the product and taking it apart.

The 3 industries that should consider getting a food inspection machine

Here we are going to present 3 industries that should implement a food inspection machine.

The Food Making Industry

With X-ray technology checking each and every ingredient accurately every time. It is able to give data on each and every food that is inspected while making sure that the food itself is not negatively affected by the inspection process.
Depending on the production process of each factory, a food inspection machine might be the difference between sending the end user high quality fresh food and damaged goods.

Convenience stores

Currently, a convenience store has many items from a wide selection of providers. It also has its own set of products that are in house made. Lunch boxes are one of the most popular in-house made products. Making a lunch box takes time and inspection after it is made and package is quite difficult and can lead to many foreign objects entering the lunch box.

This can affect brand image as well as increase customer complaints, affecting overall sales and revenue. Now this can be avoided with a food inspection machine as it is able to inspect each and every lunch box fast and accurately.

Makers of Candy and Sweets

Last but not least candy makers can greatly benefit from implementing a food inspection machine as sweet bread cookies and other desserts are made using a variety of ingredients that need to be inspected both individually and checked again when the candy or pastry product is made. This can be a large workload for individual inspectors and will surely need a large labor force to inspect each and every candy or pastry product that is made.
That is why with a food inspection machine it is able to accurately inspect both each and every ingredient and check again once the product is made and prepared.

We hope you found this article helpful. Below are the 3 main points that were covered in this article.

• Covering the basis of an inspection machine
• 3 benefits of using a food inspection machine
• 3 industries that would benefit from a food inspection machine

By implementing an inspection machine, large accidents can be avoided, creating a steady stream of high quality products ready for end user consumption. If you found this article helpful, we suggest you check the link below to know more about inspection machines and how they can advance the manufacturing process.

Link: 5 ways to find the right inspection machine manufacturer.

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