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What is Automated Optical Inspection?

Before we can outline the benefits of an Automated Optical Inspection machine and how implementing this system can greatly improve your production line, let us first explain what kind if machine it is.

An Automated Optical Inspection Machine, or AOI Machine, automates the inspection process of your production and post-production line. Using high configuration cameras with specialized lenses, the Automated Optical Inspection Machine, AOI Machine is able to fully inspect each and every surface area of a product with procession, High accuracy, and still be able to do the inspection of each product almost instantly, something that manual inspection is not able to accomplish.

There are also Automated Optical Inspection systems that are able to check various parts and area of each and every product that goes through the production line before they are finalized, packaged, and shipped to your businesses loyal consumers all across the world.

For any manufacturers that are trying to stay competitive in the ever changing international market, staying ahead technologically and getting rid of production slow downs, decreasing labor and overhead costs is one of the main factors that manufacturers are constantly trying to improve on in their business to stay ahead of the competition.

AOI Machines VS Manual Inspection

Most manufacturers that are mass producing various products for their customers are still using manual labor as they see it as an affordable method of inspecting their product before it is released to the market and sold to consumers all around the world.

Now, for the short term this may be true if the labor costs are relatively low. The only problem with this mind set is that manual labor costs are constantly increasing as wages increase all around the world. As wages increases, more and more manufacturers are looking to automate as much of their production as possible. This is due to the long term gain of lowering constant overhead cost and increasing both speed and efficiently during production.

Clear Benefits of Implementing an Automated Optical Inspection to your business

Next question that I am sure you are wondering is, what can your business benefit out of investing and implementing an Automated Optical Inspection system into your production line.

Making your very own AOI Machine

One of the best things of the Automated Optical inspection systems is the fact that they can be customized to fit your production line and make sure that the they AOI machine that you get for your line is able to inspect each and every area and surface of your product before it is finalized and shipped to third party suppliers or when you send your product directly to your customers.

As each production line is different, making sure that the Automated Optical Inspection System that is implemented into your own production is able to fully inspect your very own product is one of the most important aspects for any manufacturer that is looking into investing in an Automated Optical Inspection system to implement in their production line.

In order to find the right AOI machine manufacture, it takes time, resources, and a lot of patience as most Automated Optical Inspection Machine manufacturers are known for their lack of customer service. Let’s look one Automated Optical Inspection machine manufacture that actually cares about the services that they provide to their clients.

Choosing the best AOI Machine manufacturer

Now that you are well informed on what is an AOI machine and how it can help your production line in lowing the labor and overhead cost. Next, you might be wondering what Automated Optical inspection, AOI machine manufacturer you should contact to move forward to the next test and test, review, and purchase the Aoi machine.

After we spent an extensive amount of time and resources in looking for the best AOI machine manufacture that has all the capabilities necessary to make sure each and every client that are looking for only the best AOI machines are presented with such Automated Optical Inspection system manufacturer.

We were very fortunate to find and partner with one of the most reliable, Japan based AOI machine manufacturer. With connections throughout Asia and a long history in having not only being known for making reliable, customizable, and most importantly long lasting Automated Optical Inspection system. With multi-language sales representative and great after-service with AOI machine maintenance, there are not many other AOI machine manufacturers that focus on making sure their customer service is near perfect for each and every client that they provide their AOI machines to.

Our main partners is Seitoku, a Japanese company that focuses on making the very best In Automated Optical inspection Machines and maintenance. They are very confident in their Automated Optical Inspection systems. So much so that they are willing and able to conduct tests in their facility of any of the production that you are producing in your business. If you would like them to test samples of your product, please feel free to contact us directly via , or you can contact us via the contact page or contact widget!

We understand that finding a good Automated Optical Inspection, AOI machine, is difficult, so we want to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible. That is why we focus on providing the best service to each and every client and provide to them all the necessary information that they need in order to determine what kind of AOI machine they need for their production line.

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