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What is an AOI Machine?

Automated Optical Inspection or AOI for short, is what manufacturing needs in order to keep up with the constant new quality control demands that consumers are expecting from the facilities that are making the products they use in their daily lives. With the market forecast showcasing exponential growth in the sales and usage of inspection machines throughout several markets around the world, it is good to know what an AOI Machine can do for your business. But before we can look at the benefits of an optical inspection machine, first let’s quickly define what is it.

An Automated Optical Inspection Machine, or AOI Machine for short, is a machine that is able to automate the inspection process of a production line of products that are being made to be sent and sold to consumers or business.

Usually an AOI machine is used in post-production right before the products are prepared, packaged and sent to the consumers or parts are sent to other businesses to make their products. AOI optical inspection machines are currently being used to inspect small product which are hard to inspect manually as there are now too many variables in one small product.

A good example would be inspecting Printed Circuit Board, or PCBs for short. PCBs are becoming smaller and smaller to accommodate smaller computers, laptops, smart phones, and other small portable devices. As the advancement of PCBs are also increasing in complexity, there is therefore a need for an equal advancement in the way the circuits are inspected right before they are sent to their respected Businesses or are sent to the assembly line where the parts are added together to make the final product that will then be shipped to the end user.

AOI machines with their automated optical inspection systems vary depending on the product that is being inspected. One of the great things about investing in an automated optical inspection machine is the fact that it can be 100% Fully customized to be the perfect system to inspect your product post production.

As a factory owner that has to worry about hundreds of thousands of products that are produced and released to customers all over the world, having a system in place that can accurately inspect each and every product that is being made can not only decrease the amount of defective products sent to clients, but can ultimately decrease product return rates and therefore decrease the amount of complains from clients, increasing company trust within your client base.


Is Manual Labor Outdated?

When looking to implement an Automated Optical Inspection Machine, AOI Machine, first you have to see how you are currently handling your production line. You may have been using manual inspection for as long as you have done business. We understand that changing your production line is both scary and more importantly difficult. You may think that there are no issues with your current production line, and you may have already implemented a partial Automated Optical Inspection section already.

Moving to a new production is difficult, but like many large companies, change is necessary to stay competitive in an ever-changing global market. Now, more than ever, companies are expected to be on the top of the game both in the products and services they provide, but also in regards to how efficient the company is in using it’s resources.
Lowering overhead costs is always something that top management is always considering while looking to stay competitive in pricing and still maintaining high money inflow and minimizing the costs that they have to incur.

Automated Optical Inspection, AOI Machines have recently been able to expand on their inspection ability due to large increases in their specifications. Now that they are more than able to cover the entire inspection process, it is no wonder that total demand has sky-rocketed over the past 5 years.

But you may be thinking what the benefits are of implementing an AOI machine into your very delicate and important production line. For your ease of understanding, we have listed some of the benefits you can expect from using an AOI machine.


The Benefits of Automated Optical Inspection

Most business professionals are heading towards more and more automation tools that will help them lower the overhead cost of their businesses while still increasing production and productivity in everything they do and make to increase revenue and more importantly, increase overall profits for the company.

Manufacturing companies are increasing their investments on Automated Optical Inspection, AOI machinery due to the following points noted below:

1. Increases inspection accuracy.
2. Increase inspection speed
3. Decrease in labor costs
4. Opportunity to increase production
5. Easy Production Implementation

The list noted above is not exhaustive and you can find many other benefits by implementing this technology. One of the great benefits with our AOI Machine supplier is their great determination to truly try to understand the clients’ needs, production line as well as the best way to automate the inspection process without hindering the speed or quality with which products are made.

Our responsive service, great consultation of your production line, and after installation service is by far one of the best in the market !

Our Top of the line Automated Optical Inspection Machines

You are now ready to move on to the next step: looking for a good and reliable Automated Optical Inspection Machine Manufacturer that has quality assurance as well as great customer service.

We only work with the best AOI Machine manufacturers in the industries. You can get in touch with them via contacting us on our contact page or you can contact us directly via and we guarantee fast responses.

Our suppliers are even willing to receive any sample you may have for testing and see how accurate their Automated Optical Inspection Machine, AOI Machine is with all the information that you need analyzed and checked. We are determined to help and consult with you on the best way to implement an AOI machine tailored specifically for your products with full customization available and continuous support!

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